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Closet E-Design

Welcome to The Closet E-Design Experience! With this experience, we'll help you transform your space, at a fraction of the cost,  all online.

They plan are perfect if you're  

  • Ready to get organize and save time in the morning because everything has it's own designated spot


  • looking to add incredible value to your home, both financially and emotionally. Psychologically speaking, a beautiful space is a happy one.


  • Want to DOUBLE, yes DOUBLE your storage solution?


Also, If you're in the developmental stages of your project, we at DesignsMCP can work with you to determine the spacial requirements to have a functional and beautiful closet space. 


Package includes:

  • Initial virtual meeting

  • Recorded Virtual walk-through 

  • Detailed questionnaire 

  • Floor plan, elevation.  Quote if local

  • Cabinet Material and accessories suggestions

  • One revision included

  • PDF copy of finalized floor plan, elevation 

  • Mood board presentation

  • 2D design plan and  elevations 

Do you want to go from this 

Closet E-Design projects involve the following phases:


     Along with your measurements/plans, send us the list  of items to be 

     stored. If you have photos of the space, please send them


      Based on information gathered, we will create a stunning yet 

      functional conceptual design of your closet.  Using online technology,

      we will walk you through the design. During the

      meeting, collaborating interactively with us,  with one revision

      included, you’ll be able to make changes in real time and easily     

      compare options if need be 


      We  at Designs MCP will fine-tune the approved conceptual design so

      that it is finalized. 


      Once we have completed our online meeting, we will make the final

      touches to the plan. On completion, you'll receive a PDF copy of the

      floor plan, elevation and 3D view.

To this!

Three different E-Design categories

Small Closet

(*up to 8'x 3')

Let's work with the space you have and make it AMAZING!!!


large Closet

(*up to 8'x 3')

(*approx. 9'x 12')

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Looking to Maximize every square in of your space. This is the plan for you. Let's get started

medium Closet

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