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With high shoulders and high chest, with discuss on her face “I hate my bathroom! Why is the space so small and the bedroom so big?!? It doesn’t make any sense! It’s supposed to be an ensuite!!!” It was clear as day she DISPISED her bathroom and wanted it obliterated (Happy dance for me!) As a designer, she was a dream client and I wanted to blow her socks off.  Once the concept and the design development plans were approved, everything including her existing bathroom walls never stood a chance against the sledge hammer. EVERYTHING had to go! Her once hated, dated and dysfunctional bathroom now became the main feature in her home that she is proud to show off.  This his and her ensuite now warmly accommodates double sinks.  The 12 x 24 porcelain tiles were closely installed to simulate posh high-end slab marble. On those cold days the heated floor and warming towel rack snug their bodies and toes. To keep the romance and set the mood, all lights are on dimmers with just enough natural light caressing their space.  To add the icing on the cake and have them feel like they never wanted to leave their majestic hotel spa, with a pocket door joining their spa, we added a gorgeous his and her (predominately hers) walk-in closet. This ensuite speaks volume to my clients and exceeded their expectation. EVERY SINGLE DAY they get to relax in a lush Hotel Spa!

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