As we stood in a new home that was recently purchase, the wife gave me the story of why they purchased this home. 

I was shocked! This is where she grew up!  Filled with great memories and loving the location, her and her husband dreamed of creating their new memories in their new home. That meant EVERYTHING had to go!

On the main floor the kitchen and dining room was divided by a wall, which clearly didn't work for them. They love entertaining, having several friends and family over all at the same time and having guests help prep meals.

Accommodation, that feeling of inclusiveness/home and feeling welcomed was HUGE for them. Besides wanting a warm, cozy and spaceous Kitchen area,  the husband had one request "can we have a fireplace?"

Looking at the existing layout, I counldn't garantee it however, I was going to try! As the design process unfolded and our relationship grew, I realized that this couple was very outgoing, loved to laugh and layed back! Those qualities inspired me to present a more vocal floor tile. I wasn't sure what they going to think but as I designer, I want to present the absolute best options for the project at hand.  

full view with banquette
fireplace view
full view to back
good morning
take a seat
Kitchen stove area
sink area
tall cabinet