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Still looking for the small pot? How many times do you need to empty out the corner cabinet to find the baking pan? Pull-out organizers bring the back of the cabinet to you!

If you're thinking about redesigning your kitchen or before you sign on the dotted line, are you sure that you've maximized EVERY SQUARE INCH of storage???

Here's the thing, a kitchen that is well planned has a snow ball effect.

Efficiency = Productivity = Saving time = Saving Money. Now, who doesn't want that!!! I know I do!

With today's technology, companies are providing and creating MULTIPLE innovative ways of getting you the best bang for your buck.

Let's take a look at some of the "crème de la crème" products.

Let's dive in!

Designed By: Marcia Perrotte / Photographer: Nadia Calabrese


The days of getting down on all fours to get the pot is officially !!! OVER !!!

4 back saving corner solutions that will have you standing straight. Take a peak!


These are my absolute favourite! These bad boys fully extend so that everything is at your finger tips. Drawer height can be customized. Weight capacity 100lbs-200lbs each drawer. Image by


With required clearance (a whole different topic), they are just that. Magical! They fully extend to the back of a base unit corner cabinet allowing great storage and functionality. weight capacity 17lbs -22lbs per shelf


Like the Magic corner, the LEMAN fully extends to the back of a base unit corner cabinet. The shelves function independently to provide access to stored items. weight capacity 55lbs per shelf. Image from


These slide-out shelves are custom! They completely maximize the corner cabinet and work independently. Each pull-out shelf can hold a capacity of 100lbs- 200lbs per slide-out! Image from

Want to learn more! Ask us about our Design Services

Happy Designing!!!

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