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 "A gorgeous kitchen or strategically arranged plate, we eat with our eyes first"

What are we having for Dinner??? Even though I cook very often, this is a constant question in my house! Because there are sooooo many recipes out there that look divine, instead of instantly throwing down in the kitchen, we (including myself) get stuck on looking and drooling over food images for hours.

If you are in need of great tasting recipes, that has been tested by my family, take a look at the recipes below. If not, please eat with your eyes. Bon Appetit!

Week 1 Sunday Favourite


SUNDAY FAROURITE!!!  During the week, it is called "grab and go." I'm sure you can relate lol.

Just like you, with a busy work  schedule we don't always have the time to sit around the table to enjoy the first meal of the day. 

In our home, Saturdays and Sundays are the days we get the chillax (in my daughter's words), with great food and funny conversations (trust me,my family  is a trip!) and enjoy our down time. 

Going back a month and a half ago, since giving this BANANA OATMEAL PANCAKES recipe a go, by Molly Leonard we have religiously whipped up this recipe every Sunday. 

Try it out! You'll LOVE IT! 

Week 2 Sunday Favourite

chael ama.jpg

Ok guys!!! If you never heard of Rachel Ama you NEED TO GO CHECK HER OUT RIGHT NOW!!! Her food is OFF THE CHAIN (I'm dancing 💃💃💃). I made this wicked dish with my trusted sous chef Devon Grenade lol and we couldn't believe there's NO MEAT. Saltfish without saltfish??? That crap had our brains confused in a great way. I will DEFINITELY be making this again!

Run to check out Rachel's recipe.

Welcome, Do you suffer from Kitchen or bathroom shame ??? Are you dreading the holidays because you don't want to host family dinner from your kitchen???

As a result of the meticulous process we take, Designs MCP is an award winning firm that creates warm, inviting and sultry spaces that leave our clients in awe and wanting to show off their space to EVERYONE that comes by.

We specialize in Kitchen, Bathroom and Closet design. Let's create that space you've always dreamed of!

Week 3 Sunday Favourite


My Nike shirt reads "good things come to those who sweat." It just so happen that "eat" got captured in the photo lol.
OK!!! My First attempt at a poke bowl and it was W.I.C.K.E.D💃 Holy S#&*!!! You HAVE TO try this recipe . This dish had my entire family running back to the kitchen for seconds and thirds!!! Guys! Guys! This right here is the perfect summer dish with a glass of wine


Go check out her recipe and show her some love!!!

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