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Concept Space planning services; 2D plans 

Are you looking for cohesive plans that you or your contractor can clearly execute when the time is right for you? Then your in the right place!!!


Whether planning a trip, planning a party or planning a renovation, when you have a plan and a process to follow, your chances for success are MASSIVE and you SAVE MONEY!  One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting a Kitchen, Bathroom or Closet  project comes from a lack of planning which in turn leads to rushed decisions that are constantly changing and extra money being spent unnecessarily.

When it comes to your next renovation project, wouldn't it be great to see your space before you hire the trades or purchase materials  before you start the work?

This not only puts you in the drivers seat of the entire project,  you will also know the best  layout option for  your space that suits your lifestyle  before committing to the renovation, giving you a HUGE advantage.

walk-in closet
walk-in shower
Every project is unique to each client and start with the Initial consultation

This package does not include electrical or lighting plan.

If Concept space planning is exactly what you are looking for, I invite you to complete our contact form found here


If you are looking to complete all technical plans but loves sourcing,  please take a look at the Design Development package.


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